Folding Electric Bike

دنکو ایکس Denko x


Smart Scooter Balance

اسمارت بالانس


Urban folding electric bike

دوچرخه برقی دوچرخه هیبریدی دنکو ebike دوچرخه برقی تاشو


Smart scooter

اسکوتر برقی پاکرو دوچرخه پاک

Denko Corporation
Denk Co. started its activity in the field of industrial machinery production in 1366 and has always taken steps to develop facilities, technical knowledge and expertise in accordance with the latest technologies of the world to improve the welfare, safety and health of human lives. Is .

With the help of highly qualified and experienced staff, research and innovation, and using new tools, the company has been engaged in the production, import and export of various types of electric vehicles and motors.

With the prospect of creating a state of health and sport in the country and improving the health of Iranian people and contributing to reducing air pollution, Denko has always been producing and importing the best quality electric vehicles and environment friendly cleaners in line with the latest standards of the day. Put his work.

At present, with expert staff, he is the first manufacturer of folding electric bicycles in Iran and has been working on the production of a folding bicycle called the Denkoux electric bicycle.

The Denko Corporation is committed to promoting cycling as a clean and sustainable way of transport, part of its main mission.

One of the advantages of electric bikes made by DENCO is that you will be able to use this device without kicking like a motorcycle, and when bumped, the bike automatically charges its battery.

Denko Company, offering its products at a price that is completely incomparable to foreign samples, has made it possible for Iran to be the best.

All products of Denk Corporation are delivered to customers with Danco’s warranty.